From California’s Napa Valley to the Australian coasts to world famous European vineyards, JR Liquor has sought out fine wines and ports from some of the world’s most notable producers. With a rich selection catering to all tastes, JR has cultivated relationships with wineries the world over to bring full-bodied reds, playful rosés and crisp whites to our clients.


Silky smooth vodkas. Lovingly oak-aged whiskeys. Aromatic amber brandies. Bold, uncompromising rums and dry london gins. Whatever your taste in liquors, JR has the quality product you’re looking for. Our distinguished selection of spirits was developed for the most discriminating tastes, offering clients a range of exquisite distillates.


One of the world’s most popular beverages, beer comes in a dizzying array of styles and brands. From the palest of ales to rich stouts to microbrewed specialties and even fruity varieties, the diversity of available beers is incredible. JR has carefully chosen our selection of some of the world’s highest quality and most popular domestic and imported beers.